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Mohit Kamboj

Gem and jewellery industry is passing through a very difficult face due to recent banking fraud by unethical business and financial practises followed by few traders. We are in constant touch with the bankers and have appraised the bankers as to how gold industry is different from such unethical practices. We have also requested bankers to not to take one of its isolated case as a benchmark for the entire industry. Recently we did an IBJA MCX seminar at Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) wherein we held bullion and jeweller’s awareness program for the industry at large. We were stunned to see the positive response from the North India on such seminar which covered topics like hedging, options, spot exchange, hallmarking. We plan to do almost one seminar every week for the benefit of the industry, across India. We have recently formed Bullion group in IBJA to understand needs of bullion industry in particular. Separate IBJA – MCX educative seminar will be held for bullion group. As you are already aware IBJA doesn’t take any membership fees from Gold members nor does it take any participating fees for any event. I invite all my jeweller friends to be part of IBJA and work towards betterment of Industry.

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